365 day photo challenge March 12

Nice weather today so Tobias, Mr Pigalina and I went for a walk. Originally we had planned to walk by a stream but changed our minds and decided to check out Nicol’s Falls as we had never heard of them. When the sign says sturdy shoes required do not think your stream-suitable flip-flops and long skirt will be ok (mud caked feet and a pulled groin beg to differ). However, it was good to check out a new place in our own town.


2 thoughts on “365 day photo challenge March 12

  1. nice, sometimes rougher hikes are the better ones. love this picture of the waterfall. normally we’re so caught up by the falls we try to make it dominate the picture. here you’ve done incredibly well to put the falls in the distance, so it still dominates, but really draws you into it. i’m really impressed by this one, simple and beautiful, nice work.

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