NZNTM Season 3 Live Final

For once I was out having a life so missed the live final and then ruined it for myself by checking Facebook.

I am watching it now and I cannot believe that Brigette won. She is so wooden, her voice is flat and she sounds like a tired, less deep voiced Helen Clark. Her Covergirl ad was awful to listen to. Also those spacers in her ears are not waffley versatile.

Bianca, my nerdy, awkward second fave (after Arihana who is long gone) is no good in ads either but she killed it week after week in her photos. The way the other two bitched about her through the whole episode and pretty much excluded her just showed their jealousy. Yes she’s a moaner but at least she’s NEVER been caught bitching. I knew she couldn’t win as she is so terrible when being interviewed, hopefully she will grow out of it.

Rosanagh is beautiful and has a unique face and her ad was great. Poor girl has had the media dragging up stuff about her drinking and having mates that do drugs. She’s a teenage girl for goodness sake! Take a look at your teenage years. Out of the final 5 Rosanagh wad my sure fire winner. I can only imagine it was the silly scandal that ruined it for her.

Anyway, what the hell was that blue piped, flashing garment bag Bianca got put in to model?? Denise L’estrange-Corbet, if that is what you design you can get lost, wearing your glasses over your Justin Bieber fringe too makes you look a bit simple. (Wow, I am feeling acid tongued this morning!) Brigette got put in a coat made from the pelts of slain Muppets and she was worrying about making the designers look stupid…

At the end of the runway show a hermit came out and clapped for himself along with the other two designers.

Deliberation time – They couldn’t fault Bianca’s walk or photos. They worried Rosanagh may not be a role-model, walked too fast and photographically never had the “Wow” factor. Brigette’s walk was great, her photos were consistent.

Oh, then my recording cut off so it is a good job I already knew the winner!!!
Not my expected result but I never seem to predict these things right.

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