No Doubt Another Bad Licence Photo Is On Its Way

I got my full Drivers Licence back in 1999. Gaining your full licence should mean that you have it forever but no, every ten years you have to renew your physical plastic licence and pay $44.30 for the priviledge.
When I got married I still had 6 1/2 years left before my licence expired and there was no way I was forking out money unnecessarily when I had a perfectly good drivers licence.
Finally my expiration date has come around. Mr Pigalina had been asked to put a reminder in his phone – I am not as attached to my phone so didn’t bother putting one in mine. He forgot to (on the same occasion he was asked to put William (our cat)’s birthday into his phone which resulted in William not getting any birthday cards or a party hat as he forgot to put that reminder in too) and it was only when the admin lady at work reminded me that I remembered it was due.
I was apparently supposed to get a reminder and a renewal form in the mail but we have moved from South D (I know!! Hooray!!!) and it did not get sent to my new house (despite having a mail redirection which makes me think it was never sent). As I did not get my renewal form I was not exactly sure what to take with me. I tried to find the Pigalina Marriage Certificate in vain so rang Land Transport to ask them if I needed it seeing as I have a passport in my new name. They told me I did and that if I could not find it I would have to send for a new one and would not be allowed to drive as of Wednesday! So after a much better hunt I found it in a stack of old mortgage papers. (I know, it should be in a frame but considering one of us tested a pen out on the back of the certificate…). Right, finally all good to go, so off I trotted to the Licence place at lunch time. Now, at my work my manager gets anxious if people have been standing in line for about 2 minutes (seriously). I waited for about 15 mins while the people ahead of me booked driving tests, got eye exams and their photos taken etc. When it was my turn I handed the lady my THREE forms of ID only to have a form thrust at me and to be told I needed something with my current address on it. Did I not say previously that I have updated my address with these people?! Yes I did, did I say also that they had failed to send me a form that would have told me what I needed to take? Yes. How about having a board up somewhere that I could have read while waiting in the line? I could have then saved myself 15 minutes. I scurried back to my car in a rage muttering under my breath. There I found a letter from the organisation that I sponsor a child through (Moustapha – cool eh?). I hurried back inside and whizzed through my form. I then went and stood in the line again for another 15 mins hoping that my letter was an acceptable form of ID as it wasn’t a bank statement or bill. People use mailing addresses all of the time so why something showing your address is so important is just annoying.
I thought the lady was rather terse to me because she saw the angry way I had left the building but I think everyone got the same treatment. My letter was deemed OK thank goodness. Then after my eye test I had my photo taken. The lady helpfully did not tell me that the camera would flash 1000 times for red eye reduction before taking it. So after the strobe light had finished I stopped smiling and made a thinking face. Then the stupid camera took the photo. I said “Oh! I thought it had taken it”. The lady looked at the screen and said emotionlessly “No. It’s fine.” Yeah right! My last drivers licence had a scowly faced 17 year old on it who only seconds before had been doing a big cheesy grin. They took it as I composed myself to do a decent one and then they made me keep it. I dread to think what I will have to be flashing about for the next 10 years.


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