New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep6

Shock Elimination! – Read on…

It was straight into the first activity this week. The girls had to race to grab a prop from a bucket which they would then have to create 5 poses with. These ranged from a book and an umbrella to a toilet roll and a fire extinguisher. Rebecca Rose’s hand got cut in the scramble to not get left with loo roll. Teryl-Leigh bombed out posing with a bottle of juice. Victoria used the toilet roll as a scarf and drew praise from the judges. Ajoh had an apple, Rebecca Rose a fan; Ruby had an umbrella. Christobelle had a hand mirror and her last pose was using it as a cricket bat which left Chris (the photographer judge) bewildered “What’s happening there…What is it? I dunno.” Then there was a book for Laura, Lucy had the fire extinguisher and Hosanna had a beach ball.
Everyone is getting sick of each other and missing home. Lucy had a little cry again.
The first challenge was to have them “swinging from the rafters”. Someone – I am not sure who because they were not in shot asked if this meant on a river – in a boat. (It was not Ajoh who has English as a second language.) Lucy had to explain that rafters were in the roof. The challenge was at Tapac (The Auckland Performing Arts Centre) where they had to use trapezeses, suspended hoops and silks to make shapes with their bodies in the air. The prize was to model in a campaign with 3 experienced models for Max (again). Everybody gave it a good go except for Ajoh who, after going on the trapeze and hoop only had a wee go with the silks. This means she hung upside down, said “ow” and then sat out for the rest of it. She said it was because in her culture you shouldn’t spread your legs. She later told the judges it was because she was scared. Colin was so T.O and labelled her a quitter.

I am actually going to give up right here – the sillly computer timed out and lost half of what I was typing. All you need to know is:
* Teryl-Leigh and Ajoh did badly in the first challenge – Colin said that they were both disasters and hoped he wouldn’t wee his pants laughing when Ajoh did her poses. Laura won the modelling assignment prize.
* At the photo challenge, which was modelling watches, Hosanna had a big cry. She said that it was because she needs to hear that she did a perfect job.
*At panel Colin wore his hair like a flapper-girl.
*Laura got called first. Ajoh and Rebecca Rose were in the bottom two. I know! Ajoh was sent home. Shocker eh? I was hoping that she would win so I could chuckle at NZ’s NTM being imported. Alas, my gloating twas not to be.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna

Sorry about the rubbish post.
Fun Fact: My friend is friends with Lucy from NZNTM. Word


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