Mmmmm mmmmmm, Cage Fresh

I was at the supermarket – Pak n Save, those of you who live in Dunedin will understand how inconvenient the layout there is. You have to walk up the ailse of value, weave through trollies and old ladies in the produce section, walk through the crowded dairy and meat sections to finally get access to the other ailses. I went there tonight after work to do the weekly shop. I had slowly made my way through the previously described maze when I remembered that we needed eggs which are located right back at the start of the shop just before produce.
I had to push my trolley and weave through the flow of shoppers in the opposite direction. When I arrived at the eggs the 3 varieties of free range were all missing. There were plenty of “Barn Raised” and my favourite – “Cage Fresh”. I went and asked the lady stacking tomatoes “Do you deal with the eggs?” She pointed at the eggs and said “They’re over there”. I explained that there were no free range, did they have eggs elsewhere? “No, that’s it”. Helpful! (A bit of an egg shortage at the moment?) I had to fight my way back through the masses empty handed. Stupid P’n’S. I think there must only be about 10 people who buy their stock of free range eggs as most of the people I see there buy trays of 24 Cage Fresh.

I don’t know abou you but even if I didn’t know about batery hens “Cage Fresh” just doesn’t sound very appealing.
Marketing Department: “They’re raised in tiny cages with no beaks and feathers. How about Cage Fresh?”
“Sound’s tasty”.


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