New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep4

Again I am posting late – had to commission Mr Pigalina to get some screen-shots for me. (Thanks Mr Pigalina xoxox – “Make my hair blonder” he was heard to mimic. “Have a cry”. “Oh she looks a million times better”. I think he secretly enjoyed his task). Soooo, by request this post features pictures! Woot!
This week was makeovers in case you couldn’t tell from the commentary above. Makeover week is always fun and there were tears and grumpy faces as huge fat fringes were demolished, hair shorn off against cultural norms and hair lightened to look “grey”. Fair enough for Ajoh – she said that in her culture girls only shave their heads when something bad has happened such as a death in the family. She does look good now though, thanks to her eyes. Lucy bawled her eyes out – seriously – but she looks way better as you will see below (her sister Olivia said “I reckon it looks amazing. I don’t know what the fricking drama was about.” Exactly). Hosanna asked the hairstylist what kind of look he thought she had. He replied “Mediterranean” and she asked if that was near South America, he just chuckled and replied yes. Tee Hee! Teryl-Leigh moaned about her hair being orange and had nothing positive to say about the colour which is actually a chestnutty brown. (She also has it in for Hosanna – making snide little comments about her. I hope she stops the moaning because she started out as one of my favourites.) Christobelle was annoyed because she thought she looked better before. She looks the same to me. There were no weaves for the kiwi girls so no 8 hour stints unlike on ANTM.
Below are before and after photos of each girl (click to enlarge):
LauraVictoriaRubyLucyRhiannonRebecca RoseOliviaHosannaChristobelleTeryl-Leigh
All the girls insist that they have put on weight in the house, not that you can tell. Hosanna insists she has put on 4kgs! To help combat this Ruby ran a jazzercise class including undies over tights and big t-shirts for all involved. Exercise equipment was also delivered much to their delight.

The first challenge was to wear ugly clothes while walking and posing on the moving walkway at Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World (an indoor aquarium). Sorry no photos but just picture wide square shoulders, icky tapered pants all baggy at the thigh circa 1985 and Ajoh looked like she was wearing a sheet with a hole cut in it, knotted in the middle. (Some were ok but most of them…) Teryl-Leigh commited a faux pas by admitting she hadn’t really seen the outfit she was wearing. Laura commented that her outfit was comfy. Apparently you can’t do that. Clothes must only be described as glamourous and sexy. Tell that to my “lady day” undies. Christobelle won the challenge and got a $1000 wardrobe from Max.

The photo challenge was a headshot where each girl had their faces painted to look like tropical fish – bright colours, sequins etc. Except Ruby who just got blacked up – no sequins, no other colour – the make-up artist must have been over it by the time Ruby got in the chair.

Colin toned it down hair-wise this week. I really like him, he is one of the best things about the show. He is pleasant and amusing, yay for Colin.
There are 4 girls whose names escaped me while naming the photos – they are Rhiannon, Christobelle, Laura and Victoria – they need to step up their games! I should remember Christobelle after her win at Kelly Tarlton’s this week but we shall see. At panel Hosanna was praised and told that her pratice had paid off. Teryl-Leigh was told she is getting lazy. Ruby’s photo came out really well, the simplicity of the single colour was what made it so good – no feathery eyelashes and beaded eyebrows to distract. Sara seems to have the over-riding say in who stays and who goes now that I watch the episode back (“You’re the boss” “Yes I am” could be the biggest hint). Colin and the photographer both loved and hated the same photos and Sara would often disagree. It was one of these photos that she alone disliked that sent today’s girl home.
Rebecca Rose was called first and told that she was the best this week. Olivia and Teryl-Leigh were in the bottom two with Olivia sent home – Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Her departure was even mentioned in the Otago Daily Times – Dunedin’s daily news. Only one Dunedinite left to cheer on now, though it may take me a while to get over the hair meltdown, sorry Lucy.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna


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