Movie Madness

As I am sick it is the perfect time to get back into reviewing films. I missed a whole years worth when I stopped blogging in 2008 – what a sad time for the world that was.
I have been to the video shop (oh sorry, this is 2009 – DVD library) and have 7 lined up for my viewing ‘n’ reviewing pleasure. I was supposed to start 2 weeks ago when I went to the movies (because my friend asked me to) and watched “Confessions of a Shopaholic” but I couldn’t bring myself to have that as the first review on my shiny new site. No sir.
I have been reading an interview with Steve Martin in Empire so I thought I would give some of his back catalogue a go.
While there I was also looking for Annie Hall, seeing as how it is apparently a classic. I went to the counter after looking through comedy, drama and just in case – art house. I had a blocked nose so Annie Hall may have sounded a bit like Annie Whore but I said it twice for the man as he looked a little confused. He found the other movie I was after “but we don’t have that Annie one”. That Annie one? You don’t have to know every movie out but Annie Hall is pretty well known, call yourself a video store clerk?
Now, on to the watching…


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