New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep3

(Was whooping it up at Kings of Leon all weekend – therefore posting late. It was great fun, thanks for asking).
I had a client at work excitedly tell me that Lucy works in Filter in Dunedin. I am not sure if this is true, or even where Filter is (as my clothes are strictly second-hand or super-on-sale-bargains) but I shall be keeping my eye out from now on.
This week they all seem to be getting on a lot better and like Hosanna now.  Ajoh had a mini-meltdown after Teryl-Leigh got a little annoyed with her about shower times. To be fair to T-L, 5 minutes is not very long.
Colin’s hair was extra coiffed today and his guy-liner out of control. They had to do a hip-hop lesson with Urban Beat. It was pretty disasterous. Colin commented that they looked like spaghetti that had been pulled out of a packet and dropped onto a plate. Sarah had a sulk saying “there’s no point” in her learning the dance as she would never get it. Colin tried to talk her around, to try and pick up a couple of moves but she just shook her head and said “No.” The next day, when Ruby asked if she was going to do the challenge she replied “probably not” without even knowing what it was. The challenge it turned out, was to strut to a platform and then strike a hip-hop pose. I wonder who would be the least prepared?
Colin’s hair was even more outrageous at the challenge – swept into some kind of quiffed mullet accompanied by some face paint and a hideous waistcoat. Angela Dunn was the guest judge, apparently also a supermodel. (When trying to find out info about her I found – don’t be fooled – it is another’s Angela Dunn’s sketch journal. There is also a blog but that is not her either. This flame haired “super”model is 42 and a personal shopper based in London – at least she was in 2004).
The girls got glammed up in 80s gear with Olivia volunteering to wear an eye patch. They all did a pretty good job – though Ajoh did a booty wiggle that Colin did not approve of. Seems we may have all been a little premature mocking Sarah as she was in the top 3 for the challenge. Teryl-Leigh was the winner (again) and won a flight for two anywhere in NZ.

The photo challenge was at Snow Planet which is an indoor ski field located in the scorching North Island so that they can have a taste of the chilly South.  For Ajoh it was her first time in snow – “I couldn’t feel my feet or my body…feel like I’m gonna die or something.  We don’t have snow in Africa”.  The poor girl cried she was so cold.  I don’t think she will be buying a season pass.   It was quite amusing to see them tottering about in the snow wearing heels.  The girls were given free reign to pose however they wanted and to “interpret” the space. Mostly it was pouting at the camera.    Victoria managed to pose on one leg, in snow, in huge stilletos.   The photographer and observers were rugged up in jackets, gloves, scarves and hats – the girls fared not so well.  Rhiannon looked fabulous but poor Hosanna was dressed like a poodle haired Scotsman – nice tam o’shanter.   Sarah got a headache and lay in the bus refusing to go in to Snow Planet.  She told Teryl-Leigh that she didn’t want to be a model.  Teryl-Leigh asked if she was just giving up and Sarah replied that it “wouldn’t be giving up”.   When she did venture in she sat in the observation lounge.  She later commented that she was just homesick – missing her daughter.

What the eff was Colin doing with his hair at panel?  He’d affed it up and looked like Brian May’s lovechild.  Ruby was told that she had the worst attitude having commented that 2 minutes wasn’t very long for a photo shoot. (I agree with Ruby yet they made such a big deal out of it – they gots to get the drama from somewhere I suppose).   Olivia was told to go back to the group and to walk back to the panel again a “bit lighter… like a model”.  She didn’t exactly clump like she had a club foot.  Olivia was boring, Ajoh terrible, Rhiannon cheesy.   Sarah told the panel why she didn’t do the photoshoot.  They praised her saying she was so good and had come through so much in her past.  Colin told the panel that Sarah could win the competition and that they had to have faith in that.  They all agreed that she had the potential but was unreliable.

Christobelle was called first and Sarah and Olivia were in the bottom two.  Sarah was rightly sent home and she didn’t seem too fussed about it.

It’s make-overs next week and it looks like there are lots of tears.  I can’t get a hairdresser to extreme make-over me no matter how often I ask or who I try.  “Oooh how about some layers?”  Oh, same as last time?  Cheers.  (I think they are scared that if they gave me a blonde bob I would sue them).  The girls should be happy that they not only get to try something new but that it is free too.  Hair grows back you fools.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna


One thought on “New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep3

  1. you should post pictures next time! we love america’s next top model on this part of the globe. i even sent a submission for cycle 13, crossing my fingers!

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