New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep2

May I say that our theme tune rocks compared to “Wanna be on top?” that ANTM has been trying to re-jig each season. It’s by Auckland duo The Fanatics and is appropriately called “Models”.

This week they moved into the house. Nothing to write home about – looks like mine with its big pool, spa, massive rooms, great views, security gate and … stripper pole. (Anyone want to buy a house in South Dunedin by the way?)

It was then on to the first activity – posing in a wind tunnel. Ajoh and Sarah took that out. Sarah it seems has experience from modelling in the prestigious Woman’s Weekly. I am suprised Colin went near anything that would mess up his hair.

For the challenge they had to choose an outfit that was “you” “fashion” and “fashion forward”. Hard to pick an outfit that shows your own personal style from one chain store that sells what I would term trendy office wear. It was rude of them to judge Lucy and Olivia jointly as they are sisters, and also to question them on who was best. Everyone else got treated as an individual (they made Lucy cry too 😦 ). Teryl-Leigh won the challenge and got to model some woolens for an upcoming campaign. She chose Ajoh and Sarah to be in it with her – we can look out for it in Max stores.

Hosanna is annoying everyone again – practising her poses. Last week it was for practising her walk. What a terrible crime. Being in a competition and practising so you have a better shot. Tut tut.
Ruby got told to lose some weight, big fat size 8 or (shock) 10 that she is. Colin commented that she was phat and I agree. Rebecca Rose could do with a bit more weight. She reminds me of a Peppermint Rose (appropriate name) doll my little sister used to have.

The photoshoot was posing with old war planes as heroic aviatirxisiss inspired by Jean Batten. The photos all looked fantastic and didn’t look budget as I had been expecting the whole show to be. (I am pleasantly suprised at the quality of the entire show production-wise actually). Anyway, at elimination Tiffany got told that she had worked the plane like a pole and that her photo was ugly. She was naturally upset and they carried on and made her cry too. (On that note – don’t put a stripper pole in the house if you don’t want to encourage such ways). Rhiannon the self confessed “dork” was told her photo was “awful. Awful, awful.”
Teryl-Leigh got called first; Hosanna and Tifanny were in the bottom two. Tiffany was eliminated seemingly “too young to listen”.

Looks like next week they are rocking 80s gear and having breakdowns – Can’t wait!
Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna

P.S A lady at work who is 63 caught a glimpse of NZNTM last week and declared them all “a pack of skanks”. Tee hee.


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