New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep1!

Nu Zild has finally go its own version of Top Model. When I heard about the auditions and that they were actually coming to Dunedin I was rather excited and planned on going along for a joke (and maybe, just a little, to try my luck). Imagine my horror when I found out that I was two years too old. I suppose it is just as well, office arse and a wine and sugar addiction would have seen me placed in the “plus size” category. There’s no way “the robot” would have been an acceptable dance for the Sexy Dancing Montage either.
So, I took my place on the sofa instead to watch the premiere episode. Even Mr Pigalina is keen to watch the series – though he may not be pleased I have told you.
One thing I did notice straight away is that it is a lot more polished than I had expected. It is 10 times more professional looking than the awful Britain’s Next top Model that was buried on TV3 at a Saturday lunchtime last year. Also the girls are a lot kinder to each other than in America’s Next Top Model. Only one girl was reduced to tears last night and others rushed to comfort her. On America’s Next Top Model they often get up in each other’s face screaming “hoochie” and “ghetto bitch” and almost come to blows. Time will tell however…
I must mention the judges – who are they?!
nzntm_judgesWhere’s Rachel Hunter? Where’s Kylie Bax? Or Nicky Watson? Who is the long haired Mr Jay-alike and who the heck is Sara Tetro? A quick Google search will reveal that lately she is a judge on New Zealand’s Next Top Model. I know I would prefer to be told I looked like a sausage bursting its skin and walked like a two legged dog if I knew the judge had any experience themselves. Anyway, shhhhh, lets not be mean and appreciate that we have some local ladies to cheer on.
I am naturally cheering for Olivia and Lucy, the sisters from Dunedin. Yayayayayay. (They need to lay off Olivia about her nose ring though, don’t make her a clone!) I also like Ajloh – long legs, good walk, looks lovely in white; and Teryl-Leigh – girl looks hot for a mum of two. (She should drop one of the names though). Rebecca Rose looks to be a strong contender, though she has experience.
May I say they were brave one and all for getting into the, no doubt, icy Lake Wakatipu in next to nothing.

I was sad to see Frankie and her awesome blonde afro out so early. It’s a shame that they got rid of someone so unique looking straight away. Shame too about Tori and her “big bangers” as Gok Wan would say. Everyone else is a little ironing-boardish and she seemed quite fun and cheerful.
Poor Jordanna from Timmers and her terrible walk. She walks like I do if I suddenly think people are watching me, all awkward – she did alright for her first time in heels though and didn’t lose a shoe – unlike someone else.
Looks like Hosanna is being lined up to be “the bitch” – she’s just dedicated.

Interesting to see not a hint of “plus size” in Zild’s Next Top Model.

The final 13 are: Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna.
I’m looking forward to crossing a name off each week and seeing who will be New Zealand’s Next Top Model. Word.


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