Only one Terabyte, not bytey enough

Being nerds all of our TV runs through a Media Centre PC. It’s like TIVO and My Sky ‘cept Mr Pigalina built it.
Anyway, in my search for faboo movies I tend to record every single one that is on TV that I haven’t seen already. This has lead to the 1 terabyte drive getting so full that it has no space to record the next day’s programmes which means Jeremy Kyle MUST be watched straight after work each day in order to free space. (Ok that might not be the only reason).
The computer is filled with such delights as Snow Wonder, On the Borderline, The Eighteenth Angel, and Crash and Byrnes.
I am especially looking forward to watching Anonymous Rex, which appears to be like Transformers but this time it’s dinos in disguise. Stay tuned for the return of movie reviews to Pigalina’s Palace to decide if you too should record such gems next time they are shown.


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