More Work Stuff

A man came in the other day and asked if we had any 600cm satelitte dishes.  My workmate said:
“So, a 6 metre dish?”
“No, 600 centimetres.”
“That is 6 metres.”
“600 centimetres.”
I whispered that he might mean milimetres, which would make it 60 centimetres.  “We have a 65 centimetre one.”
“No, 600 centimetres.”
You just can’t win with some people.
We have also had a load of Russian sailors in the past few days.  I managed to sell one an Mp3 player, though for a while I thought that he had said that it was too quiet so he didn’t want it.  Trying to explain the difference between two laptops with pointing and nodding and thumbs up, however, proved more difficult.
I heart Work.


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