Hotel Rwanda

Like I’ve said before, Sunday night is movie night.  This week we departed from the usual comedy and horror route and went with something serious.  Libby said she would only recommend this movie to someone who “wanted to bawl their eyes out for two hours.”  She’s not far wrong.
The film, a true story, is set in 1994 when the Hutu and Tutsi’s began a bloody civil war.  The main character is Paul who works in a fancy hotel.  His wife is a Tutsi and her race is the target of the Hutu who intend to kill every single one.  With the UN pulling out and the world deserting them, Paul ends up hiding about 1000 Tutsi’s inside the hotel.
This is not a pleasant film to watch, I sat there full of dread waiting for the next horrible thing to happen.  There is one scene that is even more horrifying when you remember that it really happened; Paul and Gregoire are driving through fog along a very bumpy road.   The bumps turn out not to be the result of poor maintenance but  hundreds of bodies littering the road. 
The acting is fantastic – I am regularly surprised by the talent of child actors, and this movie was another where the children we very believable.    I don’t really know what else to say about it, no wonder it was a hit at the film festivals. This was an excellent film all round, I have not a single complaint with it.



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