The Heat is on, The Heat is o-on

My deadline for leaving my current job had been and gone.  Do you know how disheartening it is when you set yourself a goal and it fails?  This is always happening to me and the goal is usually get a new job.
My new goal is to be out of there before Christmas, I do not want to have to be there on Boxing Day when all of the ungrateful people come in: “Oh I got this iPod for Christmas but it is just a mini so can I return it?”  “This TV doesn’t match my decor”.  One thing that I definitely can see happening is most of the stuff crapping out and people angrily having to return it.  It seems shop workers don’t deserve a Christmas break.  We’ll be there all Christmas Eve, then back again on Boxing Day for your refund pleasure.  I recently asked to have New Years Day off (it is my wedding anniversary and one of the reasons we chose that day was so that we would have the day off together each year).  Who wants to work New Years Day anyway?  Most people have roaring hangovers.  I was told that nobody is allowed to book time off over that period.  What?  Scrooge is alive and well. 
Anyway, after my ramble the point is, I am applying for as many jobs as I can – only about 2 a week though, mostly in the newspaper the jobs are either for cleaners or something highly specialsed like Hotel manager fluent in Chinese, German and Esperanto.  I have applied for a couple tonight, my fingers are crossed once again, along with my toes, that I will soon get to change that little title on my online profiles to something other than “Salesperson”.
(Luckily for you I am getting hungry and Desperate Housewives is about to start, otherwise I’d waffle on all night).


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