Sky High

Mr Pigalina’s cousin works for a radio station so yesterday we got to go to the premiere of Sky High for free.  Yay!  We took our niece Nesara (who you will find looking ever so stylish by clicking here) in one of our rare acts of good aunty and uncle-ieness.  We then deposited her safely back home loaded with sugar.  (She was so hyper that she bit a hole in a large inflatable Chupa-Chup in a frenzied attempt to eat it).

But I digress, on with the review.
The film is set in a super-hero high school, where there are two streams, you are either a hero or a side-kick depending on your power.  Will is the son of the two best super-heroes in the world.  Everyone expects him to be fantastic, the only thing is, he has no powers.  He is put into the side-kick stream.  Of course, this being a high school movie, there are love interests, fall outs with best friends, enemies are made and won over and a dance.  However, even though you know what is going to happen it is still a highly enjoyable film.  There are some excellent effects too.  It also had some pretty good jokes.
I was very pleased to see that Tears for Fears (though I am not sure if it was them singing – their song anyway) and Spandau Ballet are featured on the soundtrack. 
I give this a pigs4

Nesara gave it 5outof5 5 fingers out of 5.