Doubleday Suck

I joined Doubleday Book club ages ago because you could pick 4 books for $1 each and then you never had to buy anything again.  For some reason I decided to cancel my membership but rejoined last year when they sent me a pack saying that if I rejoined I could get more books for very cheap.  (I have the complete works of Shakespeare and it was $1!).
Too good to be true?  Turns out yes. It so happens that I didn’t read the terms and conditions properly.  They say: “You don’t have to buy a book from each magazine and you never have to buy a book you don’t want. So if you don’t want the Editor’s Choice, just say so on the order form.”  This is where I must have stopped reading.  It goes on to say “All we ask is that you buy 6 books in your first year of membership”.  DAMN DAMN DAMN. 
I do not however, recall buying 6 books the first time I was a member. 
I got a letter today saying they are about to charge me $190.70 if I don’t buy 5 books out of a rubbish selection of books each priced at $20.  So, $100 wasted on rubbish books or almost $200 for nothing.  Looks like I am taking the books.  I will also be cancelling my membership.  Scare tactics!  They are a book club and are going to be coming round knee-capping if I am not careful.
The thing is, I may have been more inclined to buy more than the 1 book that I bought all year if they hadn’t given me the choice of the History and Military Book club or the Fantasy and Romance club.  Hardly exciting categories.  If they had sent me the “General” selection I would have had more to choose from therefore been more likely to buy.
I am now faced with the task of selecting 5 books out of a yawn-inducing range.  Anyone for Titania’s Star Tarot?  Thought not. 


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