The Wedding Crashers

I should have known.  It was a romantic comedy for goodness sake, hardly my favourite genre.  The ending was so predictable a little kid who had only watched 2 movies ever could have told you what was going to happen.  The movie started out funny, I also liked the montage where they played “Shout” (the Lulu song but not Lulu version) and everyone was dancing and having a grand old time at all of the weddings.  It made me want to get roaring drunk and have a party.  The rest of the movie did not have the same effect. 
One of the guys falls in love and has to woo the lady away from her fiance who of course is really mean and cheating on her.  The other guy is trying to escapethat girl’s crazy sister.  There is even a foul mouthed Grandma thrown in for your cliche pleasure. 
Plus the friends fall out as in all buddy movies. 
The middle got a little bit dull, my arm fell asleep, and usually if a movie is interesting I will hardly notice.  I noticed.
I will not continue, just know that this movie need not be watched if you have ever seen another romantic/buddy comedy.



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