Fantastic Four

Yes, I went to the movies again today.  I was the only person in the whole cinema, something that has only happened to me once before but it is GREAT!  Today I got to lie across three seats, rustle my plastic bag and sneeze loudly.  I also fell asleep because I was so comfy, though that may have had something to do with the film.  Fantastic Four was not fantastic.  Average Four would be better.  Spiderman it was not.
The thing is, apart from one rescue they didn’t do anything  “fantastic”.  They spent the rest of the time getting to know their powers and trying to get rid of them.  It reeked of been done before really.  Though, the effects were very, very, well done, I will say that. 
In a nutshell – 5 people go into space and get hit by a cosmic cloud.  They all get super powers, 4 of them are good people, one is bad who pretends he didn’t get affected.  He, naturally becomes their nemesis and they defeat him (or do they?) at the end and they all live happily ever after.



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