Are You Experienced?

No Jimi, it would appear I am not.
Boo hoo.  I got rejected from the job I interviewed for because I “don’t have as much experience as the successful candidate”.  Grr, this one has been pulled on me a couple of times, no wonder I have no experience because nobody will take me on so I can’t gain any. 
The most annoying one I ever had was “You’re over qualified”.  What the?!  Just give me a job, get me out of the retail hell hole.  It doesn’t matter that a monkey could do it, I just want Monday to Friday.  But alas, my cries fall on deaf ears.
Oh well.  It looks like I have to go to me stupid 8am training sessions for the rest of the Saturdays for this whole month.  Aargh.  All I will get out of it is a 50c an hour payrise which will be gobbled up by tax and student loan to work out to be about a 5c payrise.  Yippee, roll out the barrel.   (Ok, enough cynicism now).


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