Me = Dumb

Well, I had my interview yesterday.  I was cheerful and smartly dressed.  I was armed with questions.  However, I made myself look like a total dumbarse on my application and it came back to haunt me because they asked me about it.
Poo. 😳

I had written that I finished my Polytech courses in 200 as I couldn’t remember if it was 2000 or 2001 and I was going to check and write the last digit on.  Alas, in my haste to get my application sent I completely forgot.  The lady said “So are you still studying the Certificate in Information Technology?”  My heart stopped and I could see my application on her lap with the offending 3 numbers glaring at me.  Damn, damn, damn.
Then in question time I asked what my responsibilites would be and the man read them off the blummin’ (yes, strong language, do forgive me) job description which I had chucked in the bin long ago.  I really should have been studying up on it all weekend.  Yes, so I didn’t come across as the best candidate.  (They were interviewing 3 others from what I could see of the lady’s notes). 
The old guy at work is convinced I ‘ve got it anyway (aww, he’s nice really, deep down) but I think it is only because I was wearing knee high boots and a skirt – he was impressed. πŸ˜‰ 


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