More On Customers

Had another fun customer today.  I was a bit rude to her, smack my hand, but I was not in the mood.  She got all angry because I wouldn’t accept a cheque without any ID.  This is standard policy in ANY shop.  She stormed out saying she would buy her things elsewhere then.  She later rang me up and said “I’ve got a business card will that do?”  “No, I’m sorry but it needs to be a drivers license, passport or something with you name embossed on it, like a bank card.”  “Well I don’t have any with me!”  “I’m afraid it’s company policy.”  “Then I won’t be dealing with you anymore as a company!”  “OK BYE!!”  With that I slammed the phone down.  Then later a workmate pointed at the security monitor and asked “Is that the lady that was in before?”  And it was, how I laughed to see such fun (and the dish ran away with the spoon).  She’d come crawling back when she realised that nobody else would take her cheque either.  Tee Hee.

Now, just to show you that I’m not a bitter old beast, here is what my friend Miss Raft has to say about weird customers she gets:
“We have one lady who rings us up at Civic Video and talks to us like we’re great friend, she asks heaps of
personal questions, I don’t think she’s right in the head. Then there’s another lady who rings up late at night and asks if we have any adult movies, then asks if I can choose one for her, then she tells me I sound
nice and asks how old I am. Of course there’s always the dirty old men who try and pick you up. One told me about his time on periodic detention and how his ex now has a restraining order out against him. He bought 2 tickets to the Tadpole concert and tried to get me to go with him! He’s creepy, he does the I’m watching you thing pointing to his eyes like in Meet the Parents!”
See, I’m not the only one, who wishes that some customers would just vanish.


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