I Reek

What is it that turns people into extremely rude creatures in the face of shop workers?  Why do they lose all manners and think they can be rude to complete strangers?
I served a customer the other day and everything was fine until he was just about to leave.  He leaned in and said: “Just on a personal note…”
“Give up smoking it’s a terrible perfume.”
“I don’t smoke!”
“Well have you been around someone that does?”
“Well I can smell it on you.”
And with that he frolicked out of the door leaving me paranoid that I was emitting foul odours.  He was obviously sniffing someone in the que when we walked past them or smelling smoke from someone outside.  I know it’s not that big a deal but if I said to a customer something that, when boiled down, meant “You offend my nostrils” they would have laid a complaint with the manager for my rudeness. 
People think they can treat shop workers like crap.  There was one lady on the very same day who, after closing, was lingering in the shop asking questions which when she was given an answer replied “I KNOW!”  She eventually stormed out of the shop declaring she would go somewhere where the people were actually helpful.  Seemingly she has been banned from other stores and even caused one shop assistant to have a heart attack!  I looooooove people.


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