Hide and Seek

This is another movie with Dakota Fanning giving a good performance.  I should form a fan club.  Anyway I digress, this movie wasn’t overly scary but it was pretty good.  The twist was very good but left me with a few questions.  I’ll try my hardest not to spoil it for you.  Anyway, the girl’s mum killed herself and she and her father go to live in a new house to start again.  The girl, Emily, starts acting oddly and has an imaginary friend called Charlie.  Lots of bad things happen, her Dad always wakes up at 2.06am and makes foul discoveries in the bathroom – things scrawled on the wall and a dead cat etc.  Emily always blames it on Charlie.  Without giving too much away there’s not much more I can say.  It was a pretty good film it didn’t make me cower in fear, but it held my attention the whole way through so let’s give it a 3/5.



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