War of the Worlds

I went to War of the Worlds last week and one word can sum it all up…”Meh.”  The effects were fantastic, Dakota Fanning is the best little actress around – she plays terrified like nobody I’ve ever seen, but the rest was just so average.  Don’t read on if you don’t want me to spoil it but what was with that ending?  Even if the book did end so quickly surely they could have dragged it out a bit.  Oh look that machine has stopped moving and killing everyone, oh look all of the aliens have died, happy day, THE END.  Also, as this was a Spielberg movie there was a silly happy ending tacked on.  The boy, we had been led to believe, had been blown up, boo hoo, we were over that 3 seconds later but of course there he was at the end to have hugs and kisses with Daddy.  Furthermore, Tom Cruise must have been in mortal danger about 10 times in this film and all he suffered was some messy hair and dirty clothes.  Filthy beast.  Lasers were shooting, cars were flying, boats were sinking and rubble was falling.  Aliens were sucking people into their spaceships to be eaten yet still Tom AND both of his children managed to survive while everyone around them died. 
My bum didn’t get sore at the movies while I was watching – usually the number one sign of a bad movie, but it didn’t make me want to tell all my friends either.  All round a big fat average 3/5.



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