I know all the games you play, because I play them too

I got a $200 tax refund, over half of which I am having to spend on a specialist to get them to look at my foul feet (damn, I’m a sexy bitch).  I decided to buy myself some new clothes with the rest, why spend it all on boring stuff?  Anyway, I went to the shops and was all proud of myself finding a few bargains in a sale (including half price Love Kylie undies, oooohhhhh).  Then I ventured into Glassons, where I was to buy a nice jersey and a top.  After I had made my selections I was just having one last browse when the salesperson approached me, and damn was she good!  “Are you after any pants to go with those tops?”  I wasn’t at all and managed to splutter out that I was on a budget and only looking if they were about $20.  She pointed out some trousers and then said “Would you go to $30?” gesturing towards a table of trousers.  I foolishly replied that I had noticed those ones and particularly liked the red ones.  She asked me my size, found a pair of the red ones picked up the tops and began walking towards the changing room.  I followed and before I knew it was trying on my selections.  I had planned on being a Wile E. Coyote and telling her that they didn’t hang right; but they did and they were long enough!  I’m not that tall but somehow most of my trousers manage to give me the look of a simpleton.  I was caught in a web I myself have often spun and I bought the trousers.  Props (for want of a better word) must go to the girl with the jaunty brown hat in the Dunedin Glassons.


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