Christina’s House

Word on the street is my name is actually Christina, so how could I go past this fantastically named movie?  I wasn’t expecting much as it was yet another of my 10 for $10 movies (I have 6 more to watch), but this movie turned out to be pretty good. 

Christina lives in a big house that made lots of noises, her dad is very protective and her mum was in a mental institution.  Her boyfriend is that guy from Roswell with the erect hair, well at least he was till he died from a hammer to the temple.  Anyway, this was a decent horror film – not overly scary so that you don’t want to walk to the toilet in the middle of the night lest a muderer get you , but creepy nonetheless.  People died throughout and we didn’t know who the killer was (though there were only really two suspects and one was far too obvious), and when we found out who, he was insane.  He licked the blood from his murder weapon, ate a ladybird and had constructed a grusome killing device.  Plus the mum was freaky too.  There were two unnecessary nipple shots as with most horror movies (though, and most guys would agree, a guy that was watching it too said that there are no such thing as unnecessary nipple shots).  The very last shot was predictable but still effective.  One thing that was a bit odd – a girl’s neck got broken just by her being shaken from side to side.  Better watch out next time I want to vigorously disagree.  All round a pretty good film, I give this one 3/5



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