Mommy 2: Mommy’s Day

Mommy was so mindnumbingly crap that it took a while to even bring ourselves to watch Mommy 2, and when we did we had to do it in two parts.  You’d think that the addition of alcohol would make it a more amusing experience, however it just made me fall asleep faster.

Suprisingly Mommy 2 – Mommy’s Day is BETTER than Mommy.  Mommy has been released from prison and has an implant in her arm which stops psychopathic rages.  (What a good idea, let mass murderers out so long as they wear something half an inch under their skin, Fool-proof).  Anyway, people keep dying and they are all linked to Mommy and of course everyone thinks it is her.  BUT IT’S NOT!  Poor Mommy, poor murdering evil Mommy!  What I didn’t understand though is why the Aunty turned into such a bitch.  Her niece Jessica Ann (Mommy’s Daughter) is living with her in this film and at one point says that she misses/loves Mommy.  Her aunty tells her off and Jessica Ann retorts “You’re not my Mommy” to which Her Aunt replies “No but I didn’t try to kill you”.  What a nice thing to say.  I wish she was my Aunty and could bring up my past traumas when I was feeling low. 

Mommy 2 is way better than Mommy, you could get away with just watching this one, this doesn’t mean it was great though, I give it 2/5.



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