I was shocked to discover that this movie – Fangs is only three years old!  It looks like it was made in the mid 90s.  This is another of the cinematic gems that I bought in a ten movies for $10 pack from The Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain).  Anyway, on with the show.  Basically some genetically modified bats get loose and go round biting people (and a dog, which was most uncalled for) to death.  My first gripe with this movie is that Heather and Diane remained alive.  Oh my goodness, they were like so annoying and I was all like won’t they just die already, I mean like they were just so irritating.  How I laughed to see such fun when one of them got attacked by a bat.  Sadly it only messed up her hair. 

The teenage daughter in this film of course wanted to be a reporter, ah yes, ALL teenage girls want to be investigative journalists.  She of course was on the case and had a video camera with her at all times – not that it helped the storyline any, she didn’t solve the mystery with it.  The dad though may I say was very smart, no sooner had he seen an odd looking device he’d solved the whole thing and they all raced off to save the day.  And what a lovely ending, the Dad married the police lady and they went on honeymoon with his daughter AND her boyfriend.  Though, in its defense, I didn’t actually get bored watching this, and it was mildly amusing when it was supposed to be.  




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