Death of a Sales(wo)man

Salesperson was not even on my top ten job list growing up but it is now what I do.  I wanted to be something cool like Johnny Depp’s wife or a writer or a movie director; not peddling crappy (yes, (smack my hand if the company finds out) – CRAPPY) electronic items to people that cannot afford them.  I know all of the techniques such as demonstrating the product and letting the customer touch it so that they develop a relationship with it, ask would they like batteries with that etc etc.  It is not a job I am very proud of, plus I can totally relate to everybody that has posted on Customers Suck.  

I went to University, don’t get me wrong, I have tried  to avoid working in a shop for the rest of my life.  English really isn’t all that useful a degree though unless you happen to be foreign and then you are therefore very clever and not taking an easy degree where you just read books.  Besides I enjoy not having a weekend and working public holidays.  The hunt is on for my dream job – 20 hours a week, huge pay, 10am start. 


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