Pretty Good Friday

Good Friday and the start of a four day weekend. It was a day spent inside keeping dry and warm. That’s the great thing about New Zealand, we get the remnants of the tropical storms without the hassle of all that tropical weather.
It rained non-stop all day so I spent the day in one room with the heater on.
As did Tobias who has ventured outside once and William who must have a bladder of iron.

Top Hat Jetpack Joyride

Watching as Mr Pigalina plays “Jetpack Joyride”.

Pigalina: “Why do you have a top hat?”
Mr Pigalina: “Because I bought a top hat.”•

*Camera flash* Personal best score ruined by Pigalina.

•”I didn’t buy it with money. I bought it with the coins I had earned”.

It’s a Bit Nutty

Tonight I went to a workshop on substitutes for dairy products (run by Nibl). That homemade almond milk was delish – see ya later shop bought soy! I am planning on making the macadamia nut ricotta over the Easter break, and perhaps the coconut milk yoghurt. Yum.

Prince William Waved at Pigalina

As you can see from the title, I will be dining out on the tale of how Prince William waved at my family me today when the Royal convoy drove past us for a long time to come.  Mr Pigalina and I took our niblings to the Regal Rugby Fun Day and we waved at the cars on the way.  Once at the stadium, our nephew rocked the crown hat the whole time and waved his flags with gusto.  William and Kate acted as honorary coaches to two super-cute teams of tiny rugby players and then presented them with medals.  We hoped that they would come over to the stands, where we were in the front row, for handshakes, flowers and selfies but they were whisked away to Queenstown.
Either way, I now have some photos to add to my collection of books ‘n’ cups and some memories for when I am old.
2014-04-13 13.03.54

No Weights Today

No arm jiggle workout required for me today, wood needed stacking. One year Mr Pigalina got me to stack the wood in the garage while he moved it in from the driveway. Apparently the first to hand next on the pile technique was not a good one and Pigalina was banned from stacking the wood ever again. Alas, not really a victory (not that I did it on purpose) as the jobs got reversed and today it was my job to move four cubic metres of wood into the garage, and out of the rain, by hand.
Oh to live in a country with central heating!