Blockheads and Satay

Blockheads are the new craze among the kids, you get them from a petrol station when you fill up. People are collecting them for their children, I am collecting them for a 27 year old.
He has made deals with a 4 year old who is on his tail for a Superman in exchange for Batman. I had to hastily retract the offer of Superman I had made on his behalf and change it to Hawkgirl. Arrrgh those Blockheads.
Pictured below at the Satay Noodle House, Shannon’s favourite eatery with his new favourite things.

Mr Pigalina’s Busy Day

Mr Pigalina often tells me that he wants to stay at home and I can go to work (lucky me). This, reversed, is my dream too so we both have to work instead. He tells me that I would arrive home each day to a clean house, a walked dog and dinner cooking.
He has been on holiday all week – this is what I came home to today.

Toko Mouth Tiki Tour

A combination of me leaving the written directions at home, a lack of phone coverage and me eating a messy pie while driving, led to Mr Pigalina being driven 18km more than necessary on gravel road on his birthday. I had planned a scenic route home from the Catlins but bungled the turn-off so backtracking was required.
We did however get to visit Toko Mouth.